The deployment and impact of support staff in schools: research brief

This publication presents data generated via a national survey of schools, support staff and teachers carried out in 2004 in England and Wales.



This report presents early findings from the ‘Deployment and Impact of Support Staff in Schools’ (DISS) project, a 5-year project from 2004 to 2009, commissioned with the Welsh Assembly government.

The research will fill data gaps on the deployment and characteristics of support staff, and explore the effect of support staff on teaching and learning.

The DfES worked with a range of stakeholders, including WAMG (Workforce Agreement Monitoring Group) and TDA (Training and Development Agency), to ensure that the messages from the research were disseminated for policy and practice.


  • background
  • key findings
  • introduction
  • methodology for strand 1
  • presentation of results
  • the future of the DISS project
  • additional Information
Published 29 June 2006