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Testing procedures of speed cameras

Procedures and processes in place for the testing of speed cameras.



FOI release 28041

Information on how a speed camera testing company is instructed to carry out the testing.

What needs to be in the report:

  • How the Home Office knows all the relevant information on any variations in the equipment from the guidance in the manual is included in the report and who is responsible for deciding if any variations are relevant.
  • How that decision can be devolved to the testing company and not retained by the Home Office.

We released the following information on 22 July 2013:

The report should list the tests that have been performed, the required standard of performance, and state whether the equipment under test met those standards. The report should reference guidance documents published by the Home Office.

The test house will indicate whether the device passed or failed the tests that it performed. There will be no information in the report concerning Home Office criteria against which the device was not tested.

The Home Office expects the test house to indicate whether the equipment-under-test passed or failed each test. If there is any non-trivial doubt about whether the device met Home Office standards, the Home Office expects the test house to include information to enable the Home Office to make a judgement. The test house is expected to exert professional judgement in its area of expertise. The Home Office will make a judgement on matters not covered by the test house reports

Published 19 September 2013