Research and analysis

Telematics research: impact on young and novice driver behaviour

Report on a study investigating whether a link can be found between telematics use and novice drivers’ collision rates using insurance data.



This report follows a study which aimed to understand better the impact that telematics insurance products have on novice drivers’ driving behaviour and collision rates. The study reviews existing international research. It also assesses whether the impact of telematics-based insurance on young novice driver collision rates could be established using only insurance data as a primary data source.

The study concludes that, due to methodological constraints, further primary research is needed to explore the effect of telematics devices on the behaviour of young and novice drivers. In response, DfT has commissioned a further study which is broader in its scope. This additional research will assess the relative effectiveness of a variety of behavioural and technological interventions (including telematics). It will:

  • examine the ability of these interventions to influence young and novice drivers’ attitudes and behaviours
  • identify which interventions may have the greatest potential to reduce collision rates