Transparency data

Tax revenue protected by the detection of undeclared goods

This publication was withdrawn on 30 May 2014

Data within this document is no longer valid.

The data shows how much tax was saved by the work of the Border Force in detecting goods on which excise had not been paid.


This page gives the annual amount of tax revenue that is protected by detecting goods on which excise has not been declared, the quantity of goods liable to excise duty that were detected and the rate of duty that applies to these goods.

We work collaboratively with HMRC to produce data for this indicator. It is for revenue protected on tobacco goods (cigarettes and hand-rolling tobacco) seized and on alcohol (spirits, beer, wine, cider and ‘alcopops’) detected at the border and referred to HMRC.

The data are available in both Excel and ODS format.

Last Updated: 15 October 2013