Store a will with HM Courts and Tribunals Service (HMCTS)

A guide for people who want to store their will or codicil (an update to the will) with HM Courts and Tribunals Service.



You can use this guide to understand:

  • how to store a will or codicil securely with HMCTS
  • what you will need to store them
  • the fee to pay for this service
Published 28 May 2020
Last updated 1 May 2024 + show all updates
  1. Updated fees information

  2. Information about depositing a will in person has been removed as it is no longer applicable.

  3. Added information on how long it takes to process a will storage request.

  4. Updated the probate helpline opening hours

  5. Updated the option to pay with a postal order

  6. Edited the contact us section - The Probate helpline is closed on Saturdays.

  7. addition of help with fees process

  8. Updated guidance to reflect the new PA7ENV label that must be used when posting a will to HMCTS. Updated contact information. Updated process for arranging an appointment to store a will.

  9. First published.