Steel slag quality protocol: business engagement assessment

This business engagement assessment describes the financial impact on businesses as a result of the steel slag quality protocol.



This final business engagement assessment has considered the financial impacts of a proposal to produce a quality protocol for the processing and use of steel slag that is recognised by, and produced with, the support of industry.

Aggregate from waste steel slag: quality protocol

The quality protocol is a formalised quality control procedure which will set the point at which steel slag has been fully recovered and is no longer a waste as per Article 6(4) of the Waste Framework Directive.

Accountability for Regulator Impact requires us to quantify the financial impacts from the more significant changes to the way we deliver regulation, and discuss these in advance with business.

Before we make any such changes to our regulatory approaches, we must describe the proposed change and its expected effects in the form of a draft business engagement assessment; discuss and, if possible, agree that assessment with business representatives and publish draft and finalised assessments online, following business feedback.