Corporate report

Spent Fuel Management: Life Cycle Analysis Model 2007

This independent study intentionally makes no option recommendations. The work assesses the risks and opportunities associated with three broad scenarios: disposal, storage or use.



This study has been conducted on behalf of the Nuclear Decommissioning Authority (NDA) by Environmental Resources Management Limited (ERM) and Integrated Decision Management Limited (IDM). It lays out different potential futures and determines their financial, socio-economic and environmental impacts. It does not explicitly assess or comment on plans or their delivery. Rather, it seeks to analyse the whole range of options available from declaring all the fuels to be wastes through to a case with reprocessing and maximum re-usage as fuel. It also investigates contingencies should any option not be realised.

The study has been carried out in conjunction with the Uranium and Plutonium: Macro-Economic Study (Materials Study) by the same contractors. Any nuclear materials produced by the reprocessing of spent fuel are linked to a relevant scenario in the Materials Study to enable their value/liability to be assessed. Neither Study makes any presumptions about where any recycled fuel would be used, but enables a variety of reactor assumptions to be examined. The Materials Study has already been published and should be read together with this report.