Self evaluation document: guidance

This is designed to enable participants to evaluate trainees’ outcomes, quality of training, leadership and management and overall effectiveness.


Self evaluation document: guidance


In the self evaluation document (SED), participants are not expected to include more than headline judgements resulting from their evaluations. However, the SED is expandable to enable participants to use it for more detailed internal annual reviews if they wish to do so.

The annual improvement plan will show the current priorities for improvement. Monitoring the actions taken to address the priorities and evaluating the effectiveness of the actions against the success criteria will show the progress being made in addressing the priorities. Regular reviews should present a succinct account of the outcomes of the monitoring and evaluations at intervals throughout the year.

The SED should contain the headlines included in the end of year review with respect to the key questions and criteria and outline guidance contained in the Ofsted Initial Teacher Education inspection handbook.


  • Introduction
  • The link between the SED and improvement planning
  • Section one: Trainees’ attainment against the Standards
  • Section two: Quality of training across the partnership
  • Section three: Leadership and management of the partnership
  • Section four: Overall effectiveness
  • Section five: Priorities for the improvement plan and the next SED
Published 10 September 2012