Transparency data

Schools block funding allocations 2018 to 2019

The schools block for individual maintained schools and academies for 2018 to 2019.



The schools included in this dataset are all maintained schools and academies in England funded through the schools block.

The schools’ teachers’ pay grant allocations for 2018 to 2019 are also included.

Use the commentary file to understand the information contained in each column of the data file.

Use the data file to view the funding formula figures.

You can view the total schools block allocation for each local authority, as well as information about local authorities schools block spending.

You can also view further information about the schools block formula factor values chosen by local authorities in the schools block funding formulae 2018 to 2019.

You can also view other funding grants that schools receive:

You can also view the allocation data for 16 to 19 institutions.

Published 17 December 2018