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Research and analysis

School support staff topic paper

The latest statistics and research on school support staff.


School support staff topic paper


In 2009 the department published several large-scale studies of support staff. The deployment and impact of support staff in schools study (DISS) was commissioned to gather information on the deployment, characteristics and impact of support staff. The aspects of workforce remodelling research aimed to explore the strategies that schools were using to implement the changes as a result of the 2003 national agreement. The former Training and Development Agency and Ofsted have also published research in this area.

The department felt it was important to draw all the research together into one coherent report on support staff in order to inform the debate about the future role and likely impacts of support staff.

Topics covered by this paper include:

  • details of the numbers and characteristics of support staff
  • the affect of receiving additional support on pupils’ attitudes to learning and academic progress
  • the deployment of support staff
  • the training and development of support staff