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Service Children's Education teaching vacancies.

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A list of current Service Children’s Education teaching vacancies.

Published 4 August 2014
Last updated 7 June 2016 + show all updates
  1. Removed closed vacancies.
  2. Removed 4 expired job ads.
  3. Added Peripatetic music teacher, British Forces Cyprus
  4. Added Technology MS / UPS Teacher, John Buchan Middle School, British Forces Germany.
  5. Added Science teacher, John Bucan School, British Forces Germany.
  6. Updated Mainscale/UPS teacher, Dhekelia Primary School, Cyprus as the closing date has extended to 15 April and added a new vacancy for EYFS and Partnerships Leader, St. Christopher’s Early Years Unit, Gibraltar.
  7. Added Vacancy for Assistant Headteacher at Hornbill School, Brunei.
  8. Added 2 teacher vacancies for Teacher of Music, The Federation of King Richard & St John's Schools, Cyprus, Headteacher John Buchan Middle School, Sennelager, Germany.
  9. Added new teacher vacancies for Mainscale/UPS teacher, Dhekelia Primary School, Cyprus, Early Years Foundation Stage 1 & 2 teacher, Mount Pleasant School, Cyprus.
  10. Added EYFS class teacher (Mainscale/UPS full-time), NATO Supreme Headquarters Allied Powers Europe (SHAPE).
  11. Added vacancy advert for EYFS and Key Stages 1 to 5 MS/UPS Teacher, MOD schools overseas.
  12. Added 3 teacher vacancies with closing date 13 April 2016.
  13. Added Music teacher, Federation of King Richard and St John's Schools, Cyprus (closing date 21 March 2016).
  14. Added 3 vacancies for Federation of King Richard & St John’s Schools, Cyprus.
  15. Added amended Class teachers, MOD schools overseas advert.
  16. Added Class teachers, MOD schools overseas and Headteacher, Akrotiri School, Cyprus vacancies.
  17. Added amended advert for John Buchan School.
  18. Added Headteacher, John Buchan Middle School, Paderborn, Germany vacancy.
  19. Added Science Teacher (with a specialism in Physics) vacancy.
  20. Removed out of date adverts.
  21. Removed vacancy 1472300 as it will be re-advertised.
  22. Added Science teacher (specialism in Physics) vacancy.
  23. Added two new adverts with closing date of 2 November 2015.
  24. Added two adverts with closing date 2 November 2015.
  25. Added Science teacher vacancy
  26. Removed teh closed vacancy.
  27. Added Teacher of Biology (MS/ UPS), King's School, Gutersloh, Germany (closing date 17 September 2015).
  28. Added new vacancy Bielefeld, Germany.
  29. Added vacancy for a Deputy Headteacher, Robert Browning School, Sennelager, Germany.
  30. Added a new vacancy for Headteacher at Dhekelia School, Cyprus.
  31. Added a vacancy for Head of Design & Technology Faculty at Federation of King Richard & St John's Schools, Cyprus.
  32. Added 4 new vacancies.
  33. Added 2 teacher vacancies with closing date 19 May 2015.
  34. Added Headteacher, St David's School, Ramstein, Germany.
  35. Added 3 new vacancies.
  36. Added Teacher of Business Studies and History (Humanities), Federation of King Richard & St John’s Schools, Cyprus.
  37. Added 'SENCO TLR2a, The Federation of William Wordsworth & Robert Browning School, Sennelager, Germany'.
  38. Added Early Years Training, Development and Quality Assurance Manager vacancy.
  39. Removed 2 out of date adverts.
  40. Added 4 new teacher vacancies 1448808, 1448815, 1448819, 1449126.
  41. Added a vacancy for MS/UPS Teacher (TLR2a), Episkopi Primary School, Cyprus.
  42. Removed 2 expired adverts
  43. Headteacher, Bishopspark School, Germany, Headteacher, Dhekelia School, Cyprus and Deputy Headteacher, Akrotiri School, Cyprus job vacancies.
  44. Added a vacancy for a Female teacher of PE , Federation of King Richard and St. John's School, Cyprus.
  45. removed 3 expired vacances
  46. Added vacancy for Executive Headteacher, William Wordsworth and Robert Browning Schools, Paderborn, Germany.
  47. Added new teacher vacancy for Dance teacher.
  48. Removed closed vacancies.
  49. Added new advert for MS/UPS teacher, BFS Naples, Italy.
  50. Added 2 adverts for Germany and Brunei.
  51. Added new teacher vacancy stage 1 internal advert for SJS in Cyprus.
  52. Added Newly qualified teachers (NQT) primary pool MS/UPS teacher vacancy, Isolated Schools Pool, Secondary english Supply pool.
  53. Added Vice Principal vacancy for the Federation of King Richard & St. John’s Schools, Cyprus.
  54. Removed closed vacancy adverts.
  55. Added 3 vacancies with closing date 11 February 2015.
  56. Added 2 vacancies.
  57. Added 3 new teacher vacancies with closing date 4 February 2015.
  58. Added 9 vacancies.
  59. Added vacancy for MS/UPS supply pool, Germany/Cyprus.
  60. Added 'Part-time UPS/mainscale temporary teacher of music, King's School, Guterlsoh (closing date 9 January 2015)'.
  61. Added new teacher vacancy for Lister School, Hereford.
  62. Added new teaching vacancy in Lister School, Hereford.
  63. Added new SCE advert closing date 15 December 2014.
  64. Added vacancy for a temporary full time UPS/Mainscale English teacher at King's School, Gutersloh.
  65. Added a MS/UPS teacher vacancy.
  66. Added new temporary teaching vacancy with closing date 21 November 2014.
  67. Added Secondary English Supply Pool MS/UPS (closing date 28 November 2014)
  68. Added 4 new vacancies.
  69. Added 'Full-time UPS/mainscale temporary Year 5/6 teacher, BFS Naples'.
  70. Added 'Temporary full-time UPS/mainscale teacher of girls PE, St John’s School, Cyprus'.
  71. Added new vacancy Part time UPS/Mainscale temporary teacher SEN/English.
  72. Added 2 adverts with closing dates of 23 October 2014.
  73. Added an internal appointment vacancy for a Headteacher at Bielefeld School, Bielefeld, Germany.
  74. Added Temporary full-time UPS/Mainscale teacher of science, St John’s School, Cyprus.
  75. Added 2 new adverts Hornbill School, Brunei and Akrotiri School, Cyprus
  76. Added a new vacancy for King’s School, Gutersloh, Germany.
  77. Removed vacancy with a closing date for application of 30 September.
  78. Added a vacancy for a Temporary KS2 mainscale/UPS classteacher at Lister school, Herford, Germany.
  79. Added a vacancy for: 'MS/UPS Teacher (TLR2a), Episkopi Primary School, Cyprus'.
  80. Add 'Vice Principal for the Federation of King Richard and St. John’s Schools (closing date 9 October 2014)'.
  81. Added the 4 folowing vacancies: KS1 Class Teacher MS/UPS, Mount Pleasant School, Falkland Islands, Teacher of Chemistry (MS/UPS), King’s School, Gutersloh, Germany, Assistant subject leader of science, King’s School, Gutersloh, Germany, and Full-time UPS/Mainscale Y1/2 teacher, Montgomery School, Hohne, Germany.
  82. Added Deputy Headteacher, SHAPE School, Mons, Belgium job ad.
  83. Removed Dhekelia and Shape jobs with 12 September closing dates.
  84. Added new job vacancy advert, job description in Naples and Person specification.
  85. Added 1 advert for teaching vacancy in Naples and job description.
  86. Added 2 new adverts.
  87. Added vacancy for a class teacher in Dhekelia Primary School and in the British Section, SHAPE International School.
  88. First published.