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Safety lessons: keeping a safe navigational watch on your fishing vessel

A safety message to the fishing industry highlighting the importance of good watchkeeping practices.



Summary of the collision between fishing vessels Good Intent and Silver Dee, resulting in the sinking of Silver Dee in the Irish Sea highlighting the key safety lessons learned during the investigation. It also includes the importance of a correctly stowed and maintained Emergency Position Indicating Radio Beacons and also the susceptibility of older wooden fishing vessels without collision or watertight bulkheads to rapid flooding and foundering if damaged.

MGN 313(F) contains advice on keeping a safe navigational watch based on lessons learned from previous accidents. All skippers should be aware of its content.

The information has been prepared for members of the:

  • fishing industry

Further publications

An investigation report has also been produced for this accident and is available to download from our reports section.

Published 9 March 2016