Research and analysis

Safeguarding children: a comparison of England's data with that of Australia, Norway and the United States

The findings from a study looking at comparing data on safeguarding children and child protection in England with that of other countries.



In recent years increasing attention has been given to the value of cross-national research and analysis to illuminate strengths and weaknesses in child welfare systems.

International comparisons of child maltreatment may allow policy and practice in one or more countries to be benchmarked against others, and may also assist in the identification of alternative strategies to protect children from harm and promote their welfare.

The Childhood Wellbeing Research Centre (CWRC) was commissioned to undertake a study with the aim of drawing together existing aggregate administrative data on safeguarding children and child protection and exploring the availability and comparability of these data as a tool for comparing England’s performance against that of other countries.

The objective was to consider how different institutional and cultural approaches alongside different forms of provision and support may influence rates of abuse and neglect and the responses of public authorities.

Published 29 March 2012