Review Team: briefing note

This note provides the Review Team with key information about their role in a forthcoming assurance review (the Review) and outlines responsibilities and actions needed to enable full participation in a successful review. It acts as a reminder of the key points that were covered in the assurance reviewer training.


Review Team Briefing Note


Upon agreeing to be part of the Review Team, you will have been advised what assurance review you are undertaking e.g., Gate Review, Project Assessment Review (PAR) or Assurance of Action Plan (AAP). This briefing note will not go into details about the specific type of reviews, but it is designed to provide you with information in increasing levels of details, should you require it.

This briefing note is written primarily for High Risk programme/project reviews arranged and managed by the Infrastructure and Projects Authority (IPA). However, this briefing note can be adopted for reviews managed by departments under delegated authority. In such circumstances, the Departmental Assurance Coordinator (DAC) effectively replaces the role outlined for the IPAAssurance Lead (AL).

Published 14 July 2021
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