RSR-EPR10: HASS record

A form allowing High Activity Sealed Source (HASS) transactions to be reported by an operator to the Environment Agency.



The Council Directive on the control of High Activity Sealed Radioactive Sources and orphan sources (the HASS Directive) is designed to prevent exposure to radiation arising from the inadequate control of high activity sealed sources. It requires Member States to maintain a regulatory system that involves prior authorisation, control over transfers, and record keeping by holders and competent authorities. And so we require operators, via a permit condition, to make and maintain records and report those changes to us using this form when they:

  • apply for and receive a new permit
  • change the equipment in which a source is kept
  • intend to keep, use or store a source permitted for mobile use at another location for longer than three months
  • transfer the source to someone else
  • lose, have stolen or recover a source
  • need to correct information you have reported before

If your permit requires you to submit High Activity Sealed Sources (HASS) reports you can use this electronic report form.

Post your HASS report form to

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