Amendments to the road vehicle authorised weight regulations 2017

Guidance about the Road Vehicles (Authorised Weight) and (Construction and Use) (Amendment) Regulations 2017.



This guidance outlines amendments which have been made to the Road Vehicles (Authorised Weight) and (Construction and Use) Regulations. These amendments include:

  • allowing additional weight for certain vehicles to encourage the use of alternative fuels
  • requiring that a shipper (sender or consignor) provides a statement of weight to hauliers
  • allowing an extra 15 centimeters for trailers when they are transporting 45 feet ISO containers
  • eliminating the need for vehicle special orders (VSO) for certain vehicles

The aims of the amendments are to:

  • encourage the use of environmentally-friendly fuels in buses and lorries
  • improve safety and efficiency of passenger and goods vehicle haulage
Published 14 September 2017