Environmental management – policy paper

River and coastal maintenance programmes

These documents show the maintenance work the Environment Agency plans to do between 1 April 2016 and 31 March 2017.



Enter your postcode, a parish council or a local authority to find out what type of maintenance activities the Environment Agency (EA) may do near you and when they plan to do it.

This year the programmes also include some extra maintenance activities. This is due to additional funding from government to repair damage to flood and coastal assets caused by the winter floods.

EA consults with Natural England and the EA fisheries, recreation and biodiversity teams to ensure they consider the environment when undertaking maintenance activities.

Examples of activities in the programme are:

  • maintaining flood barriers and pumping stations

  • clearing grills and removing obstructions from rivers

  • controlling aquatic weed in rivers

  • managing grass, trees and bushes on flood embankments or

  • inspecting and repairing flood defence structures

The EA makes every effort to ensure the maintenance programme is up to date. Sometimes work may not go ahead at the planned time because of adverse weather, floods, available resource or national environmental incidents.

We are keen to receive feedback on both the content and presentation of the programme. Please send observations on the annual maintenance programme and suggestions as to how we might improve its presentation to Pub_Maintenance_Fbck@environment-agency.gov.uk.

The published maintenance programme does not include any work associated with the additional money received from the government, following the winter 2015 floods, for recovery and maintenance, the programme will be updated as soon as the preferred options for using this money have been identified.

If you own or manage land which includes a watercourse you have responsibilities, including maintenance. Find out more about your responsibilities and whether you need permission.

Guide for landowners and farmers: River maintenance and drainage charges

The ‘asset maintenance protocol’ sets out the EA approach to maintaining flood and coastal risk management assets in England.

The flood and coastal erosion risk management investment programme sets out how £2.3 billion is being spent on more than 1,500 projects to reduce the risks of flooding or coastal erosion to more than 300,000 households across England by March 2021. You can also view the 6 year investment programme on an interactive map.