Revalidation and appraisal of medical officers in defence

Guidance and leaflets on the revalidation and appraisal of military and civilian medical practitioners working in defence.


Annex B: application for delay of appraisal (dated June 2015)

Annex D: background details (dated June 2015)

Annex F: pre-appraisal preparation (dated June 2015)

Annex G: annual probity declaration (dated 7 June 2015)

Annex H: annual health declaration (dated 7 June 2015)

Annex I: declaration of absence of complaint(s) (dated 7 June 2015)

Annex K: personal development plan (dated 7 June 2015)

Annex M: post appraisal feedback form (dated 7 June 2015)

Annex N: Assuring the quality of medical appraisal within the MOD/DMS

Enclosure 1: good clinical care (dated 7 June 2015)

Enclosure 3: reflection on data collection / audit (dated 7 June 2015)

Enclosure 4: case reviews / reflection (dated 7 June 2015)

Enclosure 5: reflection on complaint (dated 7 June 2015)

Enclosure 6: health reflection (dated 7 June 2015)

Enclosure 7: probity reflection (dated 7 June 2015)

Enclosure 8: maintaining good medical practice (dated 7 June 2015)

Enclosure 10: reflection on patient feedback (dated 7 June 2015)

Enclosure 11: working with colleagues (dated 7 June 2015)

Enclosure 13: reflection on multi-source feedback (dated 7 June 2015)

Enclosure 14: teaching and training (dated 7 June 2015)

Enclosure 15: management activity (dated 7 June 2015)

Enclosure 16: research (dated 7 June 2015)

Revalidation updates


This guidance is based on the UK General Medical Council (GMC) protocol on revalidation recommendations for medical practitioners. It is aimed at responsible officers but all doctors working in Defence Medical Services (DMS) or for the Ministry of Defence (MOD) are encouraged to at least scan it, as it provides useful background information about revalidation recommendation.

Joint Service Publication (JSP) 950 leaflets 10-2-1 and 10-2-2 detail the processes for the appraisal of medical officers (10-2-1), and the revalidation of medical officers (10-2-2).

All documents will need to be printed and submitted in hard copy until a fully electronic form is available. Copies should be kept for individual records. Further information is available from Headquarters Surgeon General.

Published 19 July 2012
Last updated 10 July 2015 + show all updates
  1. Added updated Annexes F to N and Enclosures 1 to 16.

  2. Added new forms Annex A to E and guidance and validation.

  3. Added updated Annex J.

  4. Added new version of appraisal policy.

  5. Split 10-2-1 into separate parts to make it easier for users to be able to complete forms online or download separate parts as required.

  6. Added revised Chapter 2 leaflet 10-2-1.

  7. Added Revalidation and appraisal leaflets and updated summary and detail content.

  8. First published.