Request to restore a registration

Use this form to request to restore a registration.




You can apply to restore a design up to twelve months after it should have been renewed.

You can check the renewal date by doing a design search.

If it is now 6 months or later since the date when the design should have been renewed, use this form. If however it is less than 6 months since the due date of renewal, use form DF9A ‘Renewal of design registration’.

You do not have to send us a renewal request with this Form, but you must send us a renewal request (form DF9A ‘Renewal of design registration’) and pay the correct renewal fees if we agree to restore the design.

You must attach a statement and additional evidence (if any), fully explaining why you did not renew the design in time.



Published 17 April 2014
Last updated 21 August 2021 + show all updates
  1. Form DF29 fee sheet updated.

  2. Timeframe for paying zero fees has ceased and normal fee payment resumes from 1st April 2021.

  3. All forms DF29 updated and the cost amended.

  4. Form DF29: data privacy added.

  5. First published.