Redundancy payments: Form HR1 - advance notification of redundancies

Form and guidance for employers who need to notify the government of potential redundancies.



The government must help employees facing redundancy. To do this, advance notification of potential redundancies is required from employers. Failure to comply with the statutory notification requirements below without good cause may result in prosecution and a fine, on summary conviction, for the company and/or officers of the company.

Where employers are furloughing their staff and they are not contemplating dismissing 20 or more staff in a single establishment there is no requirement to carry out a formal consultation and notify the Secretary of State.

The Redundancy Payments Service (RPS), acting on behalf of the Secretary of State for Business, Energy & Industrial Strategy, collects the information and distributes it to the appropriate government departments and agencies who offer job brokering services and/or training services.

This happens so that the government can help your employees. The information about your company is commercially confidential and may be used only for the purpose of assisting those facing redundancy. The other government departments and agencies are bound by the same confidentiality terms as the RPS.

You will be contacted directly by your local Jobcentre Plus and other service providers in your local area with offers of assistance during this notification/consultation period.

Published 25 April 2014
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