Record/cancel a change of ownership, licence or security

Use this form to record a change of ownership or to record or cancel a licence or security




Use this form to ask us to record changes in the ownership of designs, including company mergers, or to record or cancel a licence or security interest against a design. It is not a substitute for the assignment document or other proof of the transaction. We may ask you to provide written proof of the transaction.

If the applicant or proprietor has merely changed their name, use Form DF16A, not this one.

We suggest you check the proprietor’s name and the designs they own by doing a proprietor search on our website before you fill in the form.


No fee

Published 17 April 2014
Last updated 21 August 2021 + show all updates
  1. Form DF12A: Stamp duty declaration added and contact details requirements and fee sheet updated.

  2. Form DF12A: data privacy added.

  3. First published.