Corporate report

Rail Accident Investigation Branch: papers and presentations

Published 8 December 2015

1. Background

Given the nature of our work, RAIB staff are sometimes invited to speak at, or submit papers to, conferences and events. The following is a selection of material submitted or presented by RAIB since 1 Jan 2015. The final published papers may be available from the event organiser.

2. Papers and presentations

Date of event Title Event/conference
05/12/2016 Lessons learnt from the investigation of accidents at the PTI Institution of Mechanical Engineers IMechE
05/11/2015 RAIB investigations involving freight trains –current areas of concern 4th Risk Management Seminar DB Schenker
14/09/2015 Fatigue: identification, management and countermeasures Fifth International Rail Human Factors Conference, London, RSSB
23/04/2015 How accident investigation can drive research Stephenson Conference, IMechE

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