Corporate report

RAIB: current investigations and safety digests

Published 11 June 2015

1. Ongoing investigations and safety digests listed by date

Selecting the entry will provide more detail of the event. Not all accidents and incidents are investigated. If the event is not listed here we may have already published our report or safety digest or it may be that we have decided not to investigate.

Date of occurrence Description of accident/incident Current status Web entry updated
01 06 2017 Fatal accident at Trenos footpath crossing Investigating -
28 05 2017 Trailer runaway near Hope Investigating -
21 04 2017 Near miss between Audley End and Great Chesterford Safety digest -
15 04 2017 Dangerous occurrence near Kirkham Safety digest -
07 04 2017 Track worker near miss incident, Ascot Published 20/06/17
01 04 2017 Buffer stop collision, Preston Published 21/06/17
20 03 2017 Freight train derailment, East Somerset Junction Investigating -
28 02 2017 Track worker near miss incidents at Camden Junction South Investigating -
28 02 2017 Partial collapse of a wall onto open railway lines, Liverpool Investigating -
06 02 2017 Platform-train interface incident at Bank station Investigating -
24 01 2017 Freight train derailment, Lewisham Investigating -
29 12 2016 Serious irregularity at Cardiff East Junction Investigating -
22 12 2016 Fatal collision between a tram and a pedestrian, Sheffield Investigating -
09 11 2016 Fatal tram accident in Croydon Interim report 2 20/02/17
05 10 2016 Fatal accident at Alice Holt level crossing Investigating -
16 09 2016 Derailment and collision, Watford tunnel Investigating -
07 08 2016 Fatal accident, Balham Published 25/05/17
01 08 2016 Partial bridge collapse, Barrow upon Soar Published 06/06/17

2. Current status

Investigating - this means an investigation is being carried out which will lead to a published report.

Safety digest - following our preliminary examination, we have decided not to undertake a full investigation and are preparing a safety digest.

Consulting - when an investigation is largely complete a draft copy of the report is sent to interested parties for comment. This process can take some time.

Interim report published – sometimes a complex investigation can take longer than usual or our investigation can reveal issues we wish to highlight prior to publishing our full report. In such cases we may release an interim report.

Complete - when we are working on a joint investigation with another National Investigating Body (NIB), our part of the investigation may be complete before the final report is published.

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