Corporate report

Official list and schedule of employers' associations and their annual returns

Active employers' associations (official list and schedule) and their annual returns and former employers' associations and their annual returns.



Entry in the list means no more than that the body concerned satisfies the statutory definition of an employers’ association and has applied to be listed. Any employers’ association may apply to the Certification Officer to have its name included in the public list, or it may choose to be ‘unlisted’.

Published 14 October 2014
Last updated 15 January 2019 + show all updates
  1. Lanarkshire Master Plumbers Association has been removed from the schedule of employers’ associations held by the Certification Officer because it dissolved on 31 December 2017.
  2. Welsh Local Government Association has been added to the list.
  3. The Certification Officer has moved, please note we have now a new address.
  4. Lancaster Morecambe and South Lakeland Master Plumbers Association was removed from the List of Employers' Associations as it ceased to be an Employers' Association
  5. First published.