Project Griffin

Project Griffin holds briefing events to increase public and staff awareness of how best to reduce and respond to the most likely types of terrorist activities.

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Counter Terrorism Policing (CTP) is moving all of its branded products under the ACT-Action Counters Terrorism banner, Project Griffin is one of those products and is now known at ACT Awareness.

The Project Griffin Industry Self-Delivery option has now been closed and will shortly be replaced by ACT Awareness eLearning.



Project Griffin: Protect yourself, your staff, your business and your community

Events are free and can last between one and six hours depending on the time available and number of modules covered. The modules are reviewed and updated regularly and currently cover the following topics:

Introduction to Counter Terrorism Bomb Threats
Current Threat Responding to a Firearms and Weapons Attacks
Identifying and Responding to Susp Behaviour Document Awareness
Identifying and Dealing with Bombs (IED) and Susp Items Drones - Unmanned Aircraft Systems (UAS)
Published 1 March 2016