POSMS support forms and guidance sheets

The below support forms and guidance sheets form part of the core procedures for Project-Oriented Safety Management System (POSMS).

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A current version can be found within the Acquisition Safety and Environmental Management System (ASEMS) held on the Acquisition System Guidance (ASG, formerly the AOF). For access to ASEMS via the ASG please visit


Safety operating environment questionnaire

Register of stakeholder requirements and information

Template for a project safety management plan

RACI chart

Hazard checklist

Risk reduction checklist

Management level for acceptance of risk

Safety topics for ITT questionnaire

Hazard log contents

Typical content of a safety case report

Safety cases during the project life cycle


The first 3 documents are the support forms (as noted by the xxx/F/xxx in their title/filename). The rest of the documents are the guidance sheets.

Published 27 June 2008