FOI release

Police led prosecutions pathfinder areas

Information about the police-led prosecution pathfinder areas in Essex, Hampshire, Kent, Lincolnshire, Metropolitan Police Service, Nottinghamshire, Norfolk, Suffolk and West Yorkshire.



FOI release 28100

The names of the police-led prosecution pathfinder areas. How long the pathfinders have been running. Any assessment of their performance.

We released the information on 14 August 2013.

The nine pathfinder areas are:

  • Essex
  • Hampshire
  • Kent
  • Lincolnshire
  • Metropolitan Police Service
  • Nottinghamshire
  • Norfolk
  • Suffolk
  • West Yorkshire

All pathfinder areas adopted a core model for police-led prosecutions, covering dedicated traffic courts, centralised case management, and improved communications between October and December 2012. In most pathfinder areas the police began prosecuting new offences, exceptional hardship and proof in absence cases by January 2013. The exceptions are Norfolk and Suffolk which started prosecuting new offecnes in February 2013, and the Metropolitan Police Service which is still in the process of adopting all the new offences.

The Home Office has begun the process of assessing the performance of the nine pathfinders, and has collected data on their trends over the past six months. This data will be combined with central data collected by the courts service, and qualitative information on how the police, Crown Prosecution Service (CPS) and courts have viewed the charge, into a final evaluation due to be published later this year.

Published 20 September 2013