Corporate report

Police grant report (England and Wales) 2011/12

This publication was published under the 2010 to 2015 Conservative and Liberal Democrat coalition government

Report prepared by the Secretary of State for the Home Department section 46(3) of the Police Act 1996.



This report is prepared by the Secretary of State for the Home Department (‘the Home Secretary’) under section 46(3) of the Police Act 1996. It is laid before the House of Commons under section 46(6) of the 1996 Act. It applies to England and Wales.

This report sets out the Home Secretary’s determination for 2011/12, made under section 46(2) of the 1996 Act, of the aggregate amount of grants for police purposes (referred to in this report as ‘the Police Core Settlement’) that she proposes to pay under section 46 and the amount of grant she proposes to pay each police authority  under the same section. This determination has been approved by the Treasury as required by section 46(2) of the 1996 Act.

The report also states the considerations which the Home Secretary took into account in making her determination.

In determining the allocation among police authorities of the whole or any part of the Police Core Settlement, the Home Secretary may, under section 46(4) of the 1996 Act, exercise her discretion in applying such formulae or other rules as she considers appropriate. This report sets out the formula that she proposes to apply to the Police Main Grant element of the Police Core Settlement in 2011/12.

This report does not set out the totality of central government funding to police authorities in England and Wales. It does not cover police grant for capital purposes made under section 47(1) of the 1996 Act, police grant for the safeguarding of national security made under section 48(1) of the 1996 Act, or police grant made for any other specific purpose. Neither does it cover grants paid to police authorities in England by the Department for Communities and Local Government, or to police authorities in Wales by the Welsh Assembly government.