Research and analysis

PISA 2009: how does the social attainment gap in England compare with countries internationally?

This report aims to summarise the OECD's findings and relate them to our own understanding of the social attainment gaps in England.



The Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD) state that the relationship between pupils’ socio-economic background and performance is a key measure of how a country’s education system distributes educational opportunities.

Throughout this report data has been taken from the OECD report ‘PISA 2009: Overcoming Social Background’ and the NPD-PISA 2009 matched dataset provided by the national contractor for PISA 2009 in England (NFER). Comparisons have been made between the position in England and in participating OECD countries and partner countries and economies.

Published 26 April 2012