PIP presentation for advisers

An introduction to Personal Independence Payment (PIP) for support organisations and advisers.

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There is no longer a need for a dedicated presentation for advisers now that Personal Independence Payment (PIP) has been rolled out. The information it contains is available elsewhere in the PIP toolkit.


PIP presentation for advisers


This presentation provides an overview of the new Personal Independence Payment (PIP) for disabled people. It is aimed at support organisations who work with disabled people and addresses the following topics:

  • why it is being introduced
  • how it benefits those who qualify
  • who it is for
  • when and how it will be implemented
  • explanation of the different components and rates
  • explanation of the assessment criteria and scoring system
  • the 5 stages process to claiming PIP
  • how exisiting Disability Living Allowance claimants will be affected
  • impact on other benefits and services
Published 3 September 2013
Last updated 18 December 2013 + show all updates
  1. Details added to presentation about extending reassessment areas. DWP will ask existing DLA claimants to claim PIP instead, under certain conditions.
  2. Reassessment dates and assessment descriptors changed in 'PIP presentation for advisers'.
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