Philippines – Consular Fees

Details of Consular Fees


Philippines - Consular Fees


A full list of consular fees

We accept payment by Visa/Mastercard in Pounds Sterling (£) or cash in Philippine Peso (=P=) on the day of the appointment.

Refunds of consular fees are not given for ETD or notarial and documentary services that are not accepted by the requesting authority.

Fees change without prior notice.

Published 19 March 2013
Last updated 2 February 2018 + show all updates
  1. Changes on consular rate of exchange beginning 5 February 2018
  2. Change of consular rate of exchange beginning 11 Dec 2017
  3. Visa or Mastercard payment option is now available
  4. Change on Consular Rate of Exchange beginning 6 November 2017
  5. New rate of exchange starting 25 September 2017
  6. New rate of exchange £1=Php67
  7. Change on consular rate of exchange
  8. change on digit
  9. Revised rate of exchange
  10. Updated rate of exchange
  11. Amendment on fee number
  12. Updated list as of 24 Jun
  13. Updated consular fees as of 24 June 2013
  14. Updated as of 12 April 2013
  15. First published.