Permitted study

Published 5 February 2014

You can carry out up to 30 days of study with a General, Business, or Family Visitor visa to the UK.

The study must be an extra activity that you do during your visit to the UK, and can’t be the main purpose of your visit.

You should apply for a Student Visitor visa if the main purpose of your visit is study.

1. What you can and can’t do

You can:

  • take your 30 days study in one go or over a number of shorter periods
  • use the time for recreational courses such as activity courses or arts and crafts courses, eg horse-riding, painting or sailing
  • study toward a qualification if the course is at an accredited institution

You can’t:

  • use any of your 30 days to study English at an institution without accreditation

2. Approved places of study

Your course must be run by an approved organisation that is either licensed or accredited, or it can be taught at a listed educational institution.

Courses that are recreational and don’t count towards a qualification don’t have to follow this rule.

2.1 Where you can study

Your course must be taught by an organisation that is licensed to sponsor Tier 4 visa holders or accredited by one of the following:

Otherwise, your course will need to be held at an educational institution that is inspected, reviewed or audited by one of the following: