Research and analysis

Performing against the odds: developmental trajectories of children in the EPPSE 3 to 16 study

This study explores how risks and protective factors shape children's learning and why it leads to academic resilience for some, not others.



The Effective Pre-School, Primary and Secondary Education (EPPSE 3 to 16) research project is a large scale, longitudinal, mixed-methods research that is following the progress of 3,000 children since 1997 from the age of 3- to 16-years-old.

The EPPSE particularly looks at the extent to which pre-school, compulsory education and children’s home learning experiences can reduce inequality. Earlier EPPSE found that what parents did with their children was important for the children’s outcomes, not simply ‘who they were’ in terms of social class and income.

Published 30 June 2011