Outgoing Data Provisioning Service: Outgoing XML Generator

A tool for software developers to produce user-defined XML test scenarios.


Outgoing XML Generator (OXG)


The Outgoing XML Generator can produce user-defined xml test scenarios for tax code, student loan and generic notifications in the format output by the live service.

Outgoing Data Provisioning Service: technical specifications

Data Provisioning Service technical specifications for software developers, including tax code, student loan and generic notifications.

Published 1 September 2012
Last updated 14 February 2017 + show all updates
  1. Outgoing XML Generator (OXG) version 4.3.published
  2. Outgoing XML Generator (OXG) version 4.2.published
  3. Outgoing XML Generator (OXG) version 2.1 published
  4. First published.