Research and analysis

Participating in learning post-16: effective practice in schools

This report looks at effective practice in early identification of and preventative work with young people in order to ensure their participation.



The Education and Skills Act 2008 legislated to raise the age of compulsory participation in education or training to the end of the academic year in which young people turn 17 in 2013 and to their 18th birthday in 2015, helping to ensure that every young person has the opportunity to gain skills and qualifications that enable them to progress to higher education, work and adult life.

This is the report of a small scale study, conducted by the Department for Education effective practice team, based on evidence drawn from visits to 14 secondary schools, comprising one 11 to 14 school, five 11 to 16 schools, seven 11 to 18 schools and one 11 to 19 special school.


  • underpinning practice
  • portrait of the pupils interviewed
  • key approaches
  • conclusions
  • annex 1: self-evaluation: identification of priorities
  • annex 2: methodology of study and list of schools visited
Published 1 January 2012