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Parenting early intervention programme evaluation

This report examines the effectiveness of 5 programmes for use in the parenting early intervention programme (PEIP).


Parenting Early Intervention Programme evaluation

Evaluation of the Parenting Early Intervention Programme


The parenting early intervention programme (PEIP), provided government funding to all 150 local authorities in England to deliver selected parenting programmes that had already proved their effectiveness.

This report examines that effectiveness, in everyday community settings, of 5 programmes initially selected by the government for use in the PEIP. These were:

  • families and schools together (FAST)
  • positive parenting program (Triple P)
  • strengthening families programme 10-14 (SFP 10-14)
  • strengthening families, strengthening communities (SFSC)
  • the incredible years

All the programmes have evidence for improving parent and child outcomes when tested in small-scale, controlled trials. This evaluation examined whether these outcomes could be maintained and replicated when the programmes were rolled out nationally and implemented in all local authorities in England.

Also includes a short report to inform local commissioning processes - (ref: DFE-RR121(b))

Published 26 May 2011