Overseas earnings thresholds for Plan 2 student loans

You'll only start repaying your student loan when you earn more than the minimum amount. There are different earnings thresholds for foreign countries.



If you live abroad or work for a foreign employer, the minimum amount you must earn may be different from the UK.

Earnings thresholds for foreign countries are set each year. They describe the minimum amount you must earn in a country before you’ll start to repay.

The thresholds take account of differences in living costs from the UK. The exchange rates used to calculate the thresholds are also provided.

For each country, there is a fixed monthly repayment amount. This is the amount you could pay each month if you do not let Student Loans Company know about your income.

Overseas earnings thresholds for student loan repayment are based on:

  • the annual UK earnings threshold during the period.

  • World Bank data, which measures the differences in general price levels between countries

  • the exchange rates, calculated as an average rate for the previous UK calendar year.

Published 6 April 2018
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