Research and analysis

Operation Vaken: evaluation report

Evaluation of Operation Vaken, a pilot operation which aimed to increase the uptake of voluntary departures.


Operation Vaken: evaluation report


The report concluded that 60 voluntary departures can be directly attributed to Operation Vaken and a further 65 cases are currently being progressed.

The pilot cost a total of £9,740.

The average cost of a voluntary removal is £1,000 while the average cost of an enforced removal is up to £15,000 – so the 60 voluntary removals connected to the pilot represent a notional saving of approximately £830,000 compared to the costs of enforcing those removals.

Although the advertising vans used in the pilot will not be used again, the Home Office will continue to enforce the immigration rules, promoting voluntary departure and being tough on those who refuse to comply with those rules.

Published 31 October 2013