Open general trade control licence (maritime anti-piracy)

Licence providing export licensing coverage for maritime anti-piracy services in the ‘high risk area’.


This open general trade control licence (OGTCL) provides, subject to certain conditions, export licensing coverage for maritime anti-piracy services that traverse the ‘high risk area’. The licence permits those who have registered to use it, to do any act, the effect of which is to supply, deliver or transfer any of the controlled goods listed in schedule 1 between any 2 overseas territories that are not listed in schedule 2.

You should only register to use this licence if you can meet all its specified requirements and if none of the exclusions apply. If you are not eligible to use the licence or fail to satisfy any of the conditions or requirements then this may result in your use of the licence being suspended or withdrawn and you may be liable to prosecution.

See the list of companies registered to use the OGTCL (maritime anti-piracy).