Open general export licence (technology for dual-use items)

Licence allowing the export of technology for dual-use items.



This open general export licence (OGEL) allows, subject to certain conditions, the export of technology for dual-use items (with both a civilian and military application) from the UK, or any other EU member state, where the exporter is established in the UK. Technology is the information needed for the development and production of goods such as:

  • blueprints
  • plans
  • diagrams
  • models
  • formulae
  • tables
  • designs
  • specifications
  • manuals
  • instructions

It includes the transmission of software or technology by fax, telephone or other electronic media.

All previous licences are revoked.

Published 1 July 2013
Last updated 6 April 2018 + show all updates
  1. Licence updated and amended to reflect new contact details for the Export Control Joint Unit.
  2. Licence updated and republished to reflect amendments to the EU dual-use export control list in Annex I to Regulation (EC) No 428/2009.
  3. Venezuela added to the list of non-valid destinations following EU sanctions against that country imposed on 13 November 2017.
  4. Licence republished to incorporate changes to the Consolidated list of strategic military and dual-use items that require export authorisation.
  5. Amended to reflect updates to the EU Dual-Use List (Commission Delegated Regulation (EU) No 1382/2014).
  6. The version of this licence published on 6 January was incorrect - this licence does not carry a reporting requirement. Text has been amended accordingly.
  7. Updated text in 'Conditions and requirements'to reflect new reporting process in connection with the transparency initiative.
  8. First published.