Open general export licence (certified companies)

Licence for the export of military goods to certified companies in the EU.



This open general export licence (OGEL) allows, subject to certain conditions, the export or transfer of certain military goods (see schedule 1) to certified companies in the EU (see schedule 2).

All previous licences are revoked.

The licence has been published to comply with the UK’s obligations under the European Union Directive 2009/43/EC (known as the Intra-Community Transfer or ‘ICT’ Directive). For a brief overview see our guide about the Directive.

You are also advised to read Notice to exporters 2012/37. This notice provides background, including some questions and answers about the UK implementation of the Directive.

List of certified companies (schedule 2)

You should always consult the list of certified companies before registering to use this licence.

This licence is subject to reporting requirements under the transparency initiative.

Published 1 July 2013
Last updated 24 July 2018 + show all updates
  1. Republished to clarify that an approved F1686 can be considered a written letter of approval from MOD.
  2. Licence updated and amended to reflect new contact details for the Export Control Joint Unit.
  3. MOD security requirements clarified. Clause added referring to pre-visit questionnaires.
  4. Licence amended to reflect the new Government Security Classification System.
  5. Updated to reflect new reporting process in connection with the transparency initiative.
  6. First published.