Non-technical summaries granted during 2013: volume 37

Volume 37 of the non-technical summaries granted under the Animals (Scientific Procedures) Act 1986 during 2013.



The following projects are listed in volume 37 of 2013:

  • cortical networks underlying primate choice (covering prefrontal cortex, neuronal networks, electrophysiology, lesions, non-human primate)
  • physician aided reconstitution of immune system (covering transplantation, tolerance, alemtuzumab, immunomodulation, regulatory T cells)
  • in vivo physiological studies of brain circuits (covering hippocampus, neural dynamics, memory, space, reward)
  • generation and regeneration of blood and the cardiovascular system (covering blood, heart, development, fish, frogs)
  • physiological roles of phosphate changes in proteins (covering diabetes, hormones, metabolism, adipose tissue)
  • disease ecology in wild columbiform bird populations (covering trichomonas gallinae, turtle dove, columbiform)
  • molecular basis of pain and thermal sensation (covering pain, analgesia, neuropathy)
  • cardiovascular and respiratory function in disease (covering low oxygen, blood vessels, control of breathing, cardiovascular disease)
  • kidney cancer biology and therapy (covering genes, proteins, drug targets, biomarkers)
  • trigeminal and spinal acute/chronic pain systems (covering dorsal horn)
Published 15 September 2014