Non-technical summaries granted during 2013: volume 33

Volume 33 of the non-technical summaries granted under the Animals (Scientific Procedures) Act 1986 during 2013.



The following projects are listed in volume 33 of 2013:

  • efficacy testing of pharmaceutical materials (covering toxicity, protected animals, regulated procedures)
  • investigations of poultry respiratory infections (covering IBV, aMPV)
  • improving joint repair by reducing OA-like changes in an ovine knee model (covering cartilage, bone, ovine, osteoarthritis)
  • tissue engineering of the kidney (covering organ transplantation, whole organ decellularisation)
  • the role of the immune system in tissue damage (covering inflammation, tissue injury, immune system, autoimmunity)
  • development, growth and repair of striated muscle (covering muscle, heart, zebrafish, mouse, growth)
  • cardiac muscle cell death and regeneration
  • sand fly colony maintenance (covering chemical ecology, host odour, leishmaniasis, pheromones, sand flies)
  • autonomic control of cardiac physiology (covering arrhythmia, autonomic)
  • neuronal dysfunction in models of CNS disease (covering dementia, neurophysiology, biomarkers, cognition)
  • birds as indicators of environmental change (covering seabirds, fisheries, foraging)
Published 11 September 2014