Non-profit private registered providers authorised to use category 6 of the General Consent (charges to lenders)

A list of private registered providers authorised to use category 6 (charges to private finance providers) of the General Consent 2015.

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This page was archived on 6 April 2017 as new deregulatory measures took effect under the Homes and Planning Act 2016. For guidance, directions and associated forms:

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The regulator has given the following private registered providers a letter of authorisation to use category 6 (charges to private finance providers) of the General Consent 2015 under section 172 of the Housing and Regeneration Act 2008, section 133 of the Housing Act 1998 and section 171D of the Housing Act 1985 in respect of disposals of social housing dwellings by private registered providers.

Note: only providers who hold a letter of authorisation from the regulator are able to use category 6 of that General Consent.

Published 2 January 2014
Last updated 21 February 2017 + show all updates
  1. Table updated (21 February 2017).

  2. Greensquare Group Limited added to list (12 December 2016)

  3. Affinity Homes Group Limited name changed to Clarion Housing Group Limited (December 2016).

  4. List updated (21 November 2016).

  5. Sovereign Housing Association Limited 4837 added to the Category 6 approved list (11 November 2016).

  6. Category 6 list updated (3 Nov 2016).

  7. Removed 2 providers: Derwent Housing Association Limited - L0715; and Pennine Housing 2000 Limited - LH4307

  8. Places for People Individual Support Limited name changed to Places for People Living+ Limited.

  9. Removed Housing Pendle Limited, Green Vale Homes Limited and Twin Valley Homes Limited.

  10. Added new category 6 entries

  11. Chevin Housing Association name change to Together Housing Association Limited

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  14. L0718 Hundred Houses Society Limited removed.

  15. Name change for Elmbridge Housing Trust Limited.

  16. Name changes of four registered providers.

  17. TCHG Living Limited removed.

  18. Derby Homes Limited added

  19. Genesis Housing Associate Limited added

  20. Soha Housing Limited added. Devon and Cornwall Housing Limited added.

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  23. Willow Housing and Care Limited removed.

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