Corporate report

NHS trusts and foundation trusts in special measures: 1 year on

This document gives an update on progress made at 11 NHS trusts and foundation trusts that were put into special measures in July 2013.


Special measures: 1 year on


In 2013 Sir Bruce Keogh led a review of 14 NHS trusts that had high mortality rates. His review identified significant problems relating to quality and safety and/or leadership in all 14 trusts.

In July 2013, 11 of the 14 were put into ‘special measures’. This regime involves:

  • close scrutiny from Monitor or the NHS Trust Development Authority
  • the appointment of an improvement director
  • linkage with a partner trust that is performing well in areas where improvement is needed

This report provides an overview of the progress that has been made by the 11 trusts in special measures.

Published 4 August 2014