Corporate report

NDA 5-year research and development plan 2019 to 2024

An overview of the UK's future strategic nuclear decommissioning R&D programme, addressing common needs and opportunities across multiple nuclear sites.



This 5-year plan is intended to provide information to a range of stakeholders about the R&D topics that NDA plans to fund. It includes how these activities will enable us to develop strategy, encourage innovation and maintain technical skills in nuclear decommissioning.

The information will be of value to the stakeholder organisations who fund us, those we collaborate with and suppliers who carry out R&D work.

Since publication of our last 5-year plan, significant developments have changed the nuclear decommissioning R&D landscape, which we have taken into account in shaping this plan.

These include the government’s publication of its Industrial Strategy and the Nuclear Sector Deal, which both highlight the importance of innovation in achieving UK economic growth and reducing the cost of decommissioning.

We welcome feedback on the contents of this publication. Any views should be sent to by midday on 30 June 2019. If appropriate, an updated document will be published based on the feedback.

Published 23 April 2019