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National evaluation of diplomas: cohort 1 - the second year

The purpose of this national evaluation was to provide policy makers and practitioners with systematic, robust evidence on diploma delivery.


National evaluation of Diplomas: cohort 1 - the second year


On 25 November 2010, ministers announced plans to reform the diploma to make it easier to teach and award. This will bring the diploma into line with other vocational qualifications. The diploma components have been designed with the aim of preparing learners for employment or further study.

The purpose of the national evaluation is to provide policy makers and practitioners with systematic and robust evidence which will enable them to make informed judgements about the outcomes of the diplomas for different stakeholders and to make improvements to design and delivery, if appropriate.

This report examines how implementation has developed in the second year of diploma delivery. The overall research design for the evaluation provides a complementary mixed-method approach to address the complex range of issues and aims associated with the implementation of the diplomas.

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Published 30 June 2011

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