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Myplace evaluation: final report

This final report presents the background to the Myplace programme and evaluates the progress of the first year up to the end of March 2010.


Myplace evaluation: final report

Myplace evaluation: final report

Myplace evaluation: interim report - appendices


Myplace is a major government programme arising from Aiming High for Young People: a ten year strategy for positive activities. The programme aims to establish ‘world-class’ places for young people, which will offer positive activities and access to a range of services.

The evaluation follows the implementation of the projects until March 2011. Its overall aims are to identify: the extent to which projects are adopting leading practice; the impact of adopting leading practice; and the extent of progress towards the Myplace outcomes. The evaluation is set within an analysis of the policy framework out of which it developed and in the context of an historical review of building-based work with young people.

This final report is based on continuing work with the eight case-study centres, visits to seven additional centres (largely with buildings already open), interviews with lead contacts in two further centres; two annual surveys of centres; and research into the policy and practice context.

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Published 25 August 2011

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