Environmental management – guidance

Municipal waste incinerator emissions to air: impact on health

Public Health England (PHE) position statement on the impact on health of emissions to air from municipal waste incinerators.



This statement, published in 2009, has been reproduced in the ‘Impact on Health of Emissions to Air from Municipal Waste Incinerators - RCE 13’ report.

The Health Protection Agency (now Public Health England) first issued a statement giving advice on health issues in November 2005. This was as a result of concerns raised about the air pollution risks posed by municipal incinerators.

More research on the possible air pollution risks posed by modern incinerators has been carried out since then, and in 2009 this statement was published.

PHE will review its advice in light of new substantial research on the health effects of incinerators published in peer reviewed journals. To date, PHE is not aware of any evidence that requires a change in their position statement