Research and analysis

Monitoring and evaluation of family interventions: information on families supported to March 2010

This report presents findings from analysis of data on families undergoing intensive anti-social behaviour (ASB) family interventions.



A network of intensive anti-social behaviour (ASB) family interventions (originally known as family intervention projects or FIPs) was set up in January 2006 to reduce the anti-social behaviour committed by the most anti-social and challenging families, to prevent these families becoming homeless as a result of their anti-social behaviour, and to improve their outcomes.

As of March 2010 there were 68 ASB family interventions, 32 child poverty family interventions and 150 youth crime family interventions across England. This report presents findings from analysis of data concerning families engaged with these family interventions.

In June 2010, two new types of family interventions - one part-funded through housing challenge and the other focusing on women offenders - were established. This report does not include results from these as there is only limited information available about the families working with these types of family intervention at this time.

Published 25 November 2010